Shipping & delivery

Do you have questions about shipping & delivery? Then you will most likely find an answer here. Do you still have questions afterwards? Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.


  • I asked to cancel my order, but it was sent anyway. What can I do?

    When you receive a confirmation email after canceling your order, it is best to wait until your order arrives at your home. If you refuse the product at the door, it will automatically be sent back to us. You can also simply return your order. You can find the return procedure on this link.

  • Can I have beers shipped outside Belgium?

    At the moment we are not allowed to ship alcohol abroad due to the excise legislation, as a result of which we only sell alcoholic beverages in Belgium. It is also not possible to ship more than 4 bottles per order.


  • How much are the shipping costs?

    We ship your order for free in Belgium and the Netherlands when you order for a minimum of €79. When your total is lower than €79, shipping in Belgium will be €5,49 for a pick-up point and parcel locker or €6,49 for home delivery.

  • Can I have my order delivered anywhere in the world? How much does the delivery cost?

    Your order can be delivered in the following European countries. Unfortunately, deliveries outside Europe aren't possible.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to have packages delivered in British Overseas Territories, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices, Livigno, Vatican City and Republic of San Marino, Dutch Overseas Territories, French Overseas Territories, Ceuta & Melilla, Andorra, Canary Islands and Balearic islands and PO Boxes.

    Unfortunately, we have dismissed shipping to the UK until further notice due to tax and customs regulations we are facing due to Brexit.

    Delivery prices for other countries can be found below:

    Austria €17,50 Italy €20,00
    Belgium €6,49 Luxembourg €8,00
    Czech Republic €25,00 Poland €22,00
    Denmark €18,00 Portugal €26,00
    Finland €32,00 Slovakia €24,00
    France €15,00 Spain €24,00
    Germany €10,00 Sweden €25,00
    Hungary €35,00 The Netherlands €7,75
    Ireland €25,00
  • What are my delivery options?

    Packages can be delivered to your home or work-address, a parcel locker or a pick-up point. You currently cannot pick up your order in our Duvel shop in Puurs, the Chouffe shop in Achouffe or the De Koninck-shop in Antwerp.

    When you are not at home, your order will automatically be offered to your neighbors and you will receive a letter in your mailbox. If your neighbours aren't at home, you will also receive a letter and your products will be delivered to a collection point. The package will be stored there for 14 days and will be sent back to us if you don't pick it up.

  • What if I have not received part of my order?

    If part of your order is missing, it's possible that the other part is still on its way. To check where the rest of your order is located you can use "multicolli" on the 'track and trace' tool of Bpost. If no other package is visible after clicking on "multicolli", it is possible that something has gone wrong with your order. In this case please contact the customer service using the form or send an e-mail to and we are happy to help you further.