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"The longer you store it, the better it gets."
Rosa Merckx Master Brewer
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Liefmans Brewery proudly presents an exclusive edition of more than 5 years of bottle-aged Goudenband and Kriek-Brut. This special edition owes its unique taste experience to a centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship based on 3 pillars.

  1. TIME
    Maturing for at least 5 years in the beer cellars of our Oudenaarde brewery ensures that the unique character of these craft blends is brought to full expression.
  2. SKILL
    The masterful way of blending different years of beers results in a consistent and harmonious flavour profile.
    Thanks to the open fermentation tanks, the beer really starts to live naturally, developing a tender and fresh sourness.
    In addition, Kriek-Brut is a perfect blend, on which tonnes of quality Belgian cherries have rested for months.
Goudenband awards final


Liefmans Goudenband has won several awards and is one of the best in its segment of old brown beer of mixed fermentation worldwide. Its complex character is characterized by notes of apple and cherry, with an aftertaste of nuts and toasted sultanas.

Goudenband is a provision beer: its flavour improves with ageing. The additional long maturation process of 5 years creates a smooth taste, comparable to that of an old Burgundy or a Madeira wine.

Kriek Brut awards


Liefmans Kriek-Brut is recognizable by its warm, deep red colour. When poured, you immediately experience aromas of red fruit, while a touch of marzipan mixes with the sour-sweet scent of warm cherries. You also taste the pleasant sourness, followed by a sweet but fruity aftertaste: a bit like a good port.

Kriek-Brut owes its final flavour to five years of maturing in the bottle in our brewery's cellars. The long ageing process ensures that it is nicely balanced and has a lovely aroma that makes it different from the original craft blends.


Whoever says brewery Liefmans, says Rosa Merckx. As a 22-year-old, she started working in the brewery as a secretary in 1946. Over the years, she learned the tricks of the trade and could make her mark more and more. In 1972, Rosa took charge of the brewery and became the first and, for a long time, the only female brewmaster in Belgium. One of Madame Rosa's achievements is to put Liefmans Goudenband on the beer map. She is a real role model in the sometimes male-dominated beer world.

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